“Mail Works” is the name of the Company.  It might also be their motto.

As consumers are bombarded with electronic advertisements, the old-fashioned “direct mail” is making a comeback.  And “Mail Works” is leading the way, proving that “mail” does indeed “work” in today’s marketplace.

When partners Donna Burke and Claude Montgomery started their business in 2005, they were determined to be the best, service-oriented mail handler in the area.  But something else happened along the way.

Their unique expertise and computer technology have propelled Mail Works to the forefront of “personalized data base management,” which enables customers to individualize their mailings to achieve maximum returns.

As a result, the mailings you get might not be the same as the ones your neighbor receives; they may be uniquely targeted according to your preferences and your buying habits.  Mail Works puts it all together for clients, and saves them money besides.

Part of their success is efficiency: their two-shift operation meets critical deadlines, and computer-controlled automatic equipment performs quickly and accurately.  Donna and Claude attribute much of their success to their employees, whose product knowledge and willingness to “go the extra mile” for customers add up to a successful business.

Donna and Claude love people, and it shows in their commitment to serving their clients.  In today’s tough economic environment, sales are hard to come by, and Mail Works gives their customers an “edge.”

The partners also give credit to the local chapter of SCORE – Counselors to America’s Small Business – and to counselors Jack Chezek and Jim Bayer.  Jack and Jim meet monthly with Donna and Claude, and there are always “five or six things to talk about” according to the partners.  “Taking advantage of their experience has been a tremendous help to us,” according to Donna.

SCORE is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and may be reached at 419.259.7598 and www.nwoscore.org

“Mail Works” Help Business Achieve Sales Results