How SCORE helped. 

Turfinators Lawn Service says:


“My SCORE Mentor is genuinely interested in me”

That’s the way Andrew Nycz puts it.  He says that if he goes home happy every day, he knows that his customers are happy, his employees are happy, and he is succeeding in the tough competitive jungle of small business.

Four years ago, Andrew started Turfinators Lawn Service, a full-service landscaping and maintenance company.  He has carved his own niche among a thicket of other companies.  And he has done it the old-fashioned way: with self-financing, with the help of his wife as “inside manager”, with smart ideas and long hours of work.  If you want to see the result, go to; you will see some beautiful pictures, and some glowing testimonials. 

No, it’s not a franchise.  Why the name?  Think Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Terminator.  Ask Andrew for the rest of the story.

How has Andrew pulled this off?  He is 40 years old, and admittedly spent his early adulthood enjoying work as a bartender, waiter and – most importantly for his future – working for various landscape companies.  He says he always wanted to be his own boss, but didn’t get serious about it until one day he realized that he had learned a lot about the landscape business, and “I could do better than most of these guys!” 

He contacted SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business, and drew Dave Hanson as his mentor.  According to Andrew, Dave was “always probing, always questioning, always insisting on planning ahead, and genuinely interested in me.”  That relationship is ongoing, and the two of them have no lack of things to talk about.

Why is Andrew successful?  Sure, he has experienced lots of bumps along the way; but he has also discovered a few things that have helped.  He learned that he cannot say “yes” to every prospective customer, and instead concentrates on select geographical areas.  He learned that it pays to have extra equipment, so that when a snow plow breaks down he doesn’t leave a customer stranded.  He learned that treating employees right – “they are our family” – they stay with him and are the true “face” of his business. 

Andrew Nycz has learned that honesty, high quality, fair value and customer service are not abstract theories, but are at the root of successful businesses. And he has learned how to go home happy every day, knowing that The American Dream is working for him, and his customers, and his employees.

 SCORE – Counselors to America’s Small Business - is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, and may be reached at 419.259.7598 and

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