Get Predictable Returns with a Recurring Revenue Business Model January 16, 2020, 2:00pm EST January 16, 2020, 2:00pm EST
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Companies that can create a more predictable stream of revenue from customers have the ability to better plan, reduce stress, and improve profitability. 

The concept of a recurring revenue business is quite appealing but it can be unsuccessful if entrepreneurs don't know the metrics that need to be managed.

In this session, presented by finance expert and partner at Stride Russel Benaroya, you will learn:

  • Example of recurring revenue businesses and which models might fit your current product or service
  • The pros and cons of recurring revenue and how to manage the risks
  • ​The important metrics to understand and influence in order to grow revenue and profitability

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About the Presenter(s)

 Russell  Benaroya

Russell Benaroya is a partner at Stride and spent the last twenty years investing in private equity and as a healthcare entrepreneur, building and exiting two start-ups. In addition, he is a former Techstars graduate and a longtime member of EO (Entrepreneur Organization).

Partner, Stride
Get Predictable Returns with a Recurring Revenue Business Model