Paul already owned and ran a commercial cleaning business. He came to SCORE because he had the opportunity to buy another cleaning business, which was significantly larger in volume than his existing business. The challenge of this purchase included the valuation of the business to be acquired, the financing of the acquisition and the integration of the two businesses. We worked with Paul on helping to value the acquisition and explaining how it should be valued. We also discussed Paul’s option to have the current owner of the business finance the acquisition. The net result of Paul’s work with us was a successful purchase of this new cleaning business.

My successes. 

NWO SCORE was a great source of guidance and information.  I am not sure I could have purchased this business without their help.  They were very thorough with their information and asked each time for me to bring all work realted information they needed to help me.  I was impressed with SCORE and the constant work ethic that both Phil and Jack provided.  I intend to continue using SCORE for help and information.

Great Job!  Phil, jack and SCORE