“Design Entertainment, this is Ben.”

That is how Co-Owner Ben Remer answered the phone one Thursday afternoon.  Ben was basically running the business, alone, in the showroom/warehouse on Lighthouse Way off Route 25 in Perrysburg.  His phone calls included prospective customers, a present customer with “remote” problems (“get the remote, push this button, then that button, tell me what happens”), and coordinating his partners and employees spread out over the area in their big black vans.  One was reminded of a spider pulling the strands of his web, or a juggler with a dozen balls in the air.

Ben’s way of doing business shows why Design Entertainment has grown enormously in two short years.  It’s about personal and professional service: “We’re all chameleons here – we adapt to the customer.”

The “we” refers to four Co-Owners: Tyler Schifferly, Dean Rossman, Jason Hatzidakis, and Ben - and their employees. All have years of experience and a wall full of diplomas, certificates, and credentials; all have a love of helping customers through the intricacies of residential and commercial audio and visual installations.

Workers of Design Entertainment

They do big jobs (see the testimonial on display from Hollywood Casino) and small home applications.  The business has grown because happy customers tell their friends; home installations lead to big commercial jobs (and vice versa).  According to Ben, “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you!”

Their distinctive vans are all over Metro Toledo, on call 24 hours a day.  “We understand that the day of the big game there may be a problem, and we need to take care of it.”  Design Entertainment’s success is proof that they live up to their promises.

SCORE mentor Basil Apostolou has been with the company from the beginning.  “They were the fastest start-up I’ve ever seen; they opened in three months, not the year I expected!  And they have continued to amaze and astound, with their professionalism and their energy and commitment to their customers.”

What of the future?  Ben Remer thinks their business is about to explode dramatically, as directed security and home automation begin to take off.  But the real reason is service.  Those chameleons at Design Entertainment will do whatever it takes to provide the best and the latest and keep their customers happy.

Design Entertainment