Delores Rodriguez is an idea person.  In 1998 Delores found herself working in a high pressure job with a Fortune 500 company, putting in lots of hours, and traveling too much.  Too much that is, for her two children at home.  So Delores came up with a great idea for a business - corregated boxes.  Well, not just boxes, but corregated packaging, plastic corregates, foam fabrication, returnables and washable totes.  

            Let’s say your nephew lives in California and he’s working on a project car, 1969 Olds 442.  He need a front bumper, and you happen to have one in your barn that you’d love to ship to him, but you don’t have a clue about how to package it.  It’s not like you can throw it in a box and call UPS.  This baby needs specialty packaging.  Something that won’t allow the bumper to shift or get damaged in transit.  That’s where Delores, and Whisper Creative Products comes in.  Give them the specs on your bumper, and they’ll make a custom package for it.  A package strong enough to ensure that the bumper will get to your nephew in perfect condition.

            “One of our customers wanted to send auto shocks to Mexico and needed special packaging for their products,” explained Delores.  “We custom designed containers that could hold the shocks securely, and although it too a lot of trial and error, those shocks are getting to Mexico in perfect condition.”  Now Delores is getting regular orders from the shock manufacturer.

How SCORE helped. 

Ms. Rodriguez has been working with her SCORE Mentor, Dennis Snell, for about 6 months.  “Dennis has been wonderful!  He helped me with Quickbooks, and helped me understand all of the financials – profit and loss, balance sheets, and more.  Now I’m documenting all of my accounting more accurately.”

            “We primarily serve the automotive industry now, but we’re working to get into other manufacturers,” explained Delores.  So Dennis put her in touch with another SCORE Mentor, Tim Ward, whose specialty is sales.  “Tim and I have talked about some of the ideas I have, and he’s given me guidance on how to approach other businesses,” said Delores.”  With the help of Tim and Dennis, and a lot of hard work, Delores’ great ideas are sure to turn into sales and profits for Whisper Creative Products.

Whisper Creative Products